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This watch has wireless charging you need to attach the USB port of wireless charger with your normal mobile charger or laptop to charge the watch All-day activity tracking: Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, you can check daily activity and time on TFT display.


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Our Best Collection Smart Watch

How can a smartwatch benefit students? Smartwatches can enhance students' productivity by assisting with time management, organisation, and study sessions.

These watches offer essential health features, including heart rate monitoring, ECG capabilities, sleep tracking, and even peripheral oxygen …

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Everyone wants perfect peace of mind that's free from ignorance, greed, hatred and other afflictive states. Buddha has always been a great symbol of peace. So, what could be a better gift or a better option to bring home than the idol of Buddha.

Take a look at our worldwide Statues

Bringing home a bronze god statue helps one to focus on the virtues and qualities of a deity. A god statue will allow a devotee to focus his/her heart, emotions ...

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